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We are keen to help you get the best size first time and have provided individual sizing charts for each jacket, coat and waistcoat style. It is important to note that leather garments are crafted from tailored leather panels which do not contain elastic properties common to many modern day fabrics such as a jumper, stretchy top, tunic style top or loose fitting top. Therefore when selecting a size in a leather garment you should consider what your usual size is most typically in a jacket or a suit that does not have stretch properties, that is to say you should identify your jacket size and the size you most often buy or vary between (i.e. not a size you have managed to fit into on a very odd occasion which is not representative of your main wardrobe sizing).


Jacket lengths are provided throughout the range, this will be the center back length excluding the collar. With regards to biker style and fashion style garments in particular we would suggest checking the jacket length if you are tall or long in the body, or desire a jacket that comes past the waistline by an inch or two. Most of the female models pictured here vary in height between 5′ 4″ to 5′ 7″. The male models pictured vary between 5′ 10″, 5′ 11″ and 6′ 1″ or 6′ 2″.

The ‘fit style’ for each garment is listed as the third bullet point, this is to provide an indication of the additional room allowance over and above the ‘To Fit Chest Size’ detailed against each individual jacket design. The fit style types listed and their meanings are as follows:

Fitted/ Fashion Fitted – intended to provide a tight fitting fit, this typically narrows into the waist by 5 – 6 inches. Individuals of an average build desiring a semi-fitted fit that allows for a thin jumper and a little bit of additional room should typically order the bigger size that would vary to in a tailored jacket (i.e. if you vary between a size 10 to 12, you would order size 10 if a tight fit is desired with no room allowance, or size 12 for a smart semi-fitted fit). Individuals of a large build may need to order 2 sizes up. We would suggest checking your actual chest, waist and tummy measurements. If the tummy or waist measurement is wider than the chest this garment style will not be suitable.
Semi-Fitted – shaped garment with room allowance for a thin top or thin fine knit jumper and to provide a smart fit. This style garment will narrow into the waist by 4 inches or so and the hem of the garment will be about the same width or just 1 inch or so slightly wider than the chest. If the waist or tummy measurement is wider than the chest measurement this garment style is unlikely to be suitable if you wish to fasten the jacket.
Regular Fit– smart fit with room allowance for a thin knit jumper, provided the tummy and waist measurements are between 2 to 4 inches narrower than the chest.
Comfort Fit– to allow comfort when wearing a standard jumper (not a chunky jumper), these garments tend to be straight cut. If the waist or tummy measurement is wider than the chest you will need to order the corresponding size to this measurement.
Generous Comfort Fit– to allow extra room for a fleece jacket or suit jacket. Some individuals will need to order 1 or 2 sizes down in these styles if they are of a slim or average build. If the waist or tummy measurement is wider than the chest you will need to order the corresponding size to this measurement.
Each sizing chart gives an indication of the approximate ‘To Fit Chest’ size across the top row as an initial guide.

When selecting a size from the chart and a range is given in the ‘to fit chest’ field (e.g. 38″- 40″ chest), this is the approximate chest width that the size will fit based on a medium build and average height. The size will offer a regular fit on a 38″ chest and a slim fit on a 40″ chest. For those seeking a shorter length sleeve length we also offer a sleeve adjustment and tailoring service for garments within our range as well as a made to measure option across selected garments. If you are after a longer sleeve length then please state this in the ‘comments’ section of the order page and we will check sleeve length prior to order dispatch.

Where a size chart also details the average and approximate external dimensions of the leather garment, this is to give you an average indication of the maximum size the garment will be. The external dimensions are intended to enable comparison to one of your own jackets or coats that fits well. Also if the jacket, coat or waistcoat is padded then you will also need to allow for 1-2″ loss in the external chest and waist width. That is to say that the jacket, coat or waistcoat will be a total 1″ to 2″ smaller on the inside circumference if it has a padded or quilted lining (e.g. 1″ less if lightly padded lining, 2″ less if thickly padded lining).

Please contact us if you would like assistance with sizing.

If you typically find it hard to get a good fit in the shops then please highlight this when you order.


Note for Men’s Styles: Men do not typically need to measure their chest unless they tend to find jackets are tight around their chest because they are are broader than standard, workout a lot for a more muscular torso, or are overweight; men will typically know their chest size in suits and tops and this usually is a sufficient guide. One of the most important areas for men is their tummies, if the style being ordered looks fitted on the model at the stomach and waist area then the style is not suitable for men that have a portly figure or a protruding tummy. Men that have a portly figure or a protruding tummy should measure their tummy area over a normal top with the tape touching all the way round. If this measurement is wider than their chest size then please select the size that is NOT smaller than the tummy measurement, and also choose a style that ls not fitted on the model at the stomach area since such styles are ‘V’ shaped and therefore will not fit an ‘apple’ shape.

Note for Ladies Styles: Ladies do need to measure the chest as the bra size is not the same as the chest measurement when wearing a bra and a top since the cup is an indication of the projection (for example a lady with a 34B bra size does not have the same chest measurement as a lady with a 34D bra size). Also the clothing needs to be worn when taking torso measurements. Please always measure at the widest parts and please have the tape touching all the ways round (do NOT add in slack), once you know your measurement you can then decide if you want to go up a size because the garment looks too fitted on the model for your liking and you wish to allow extra space.

1) Ensure you are wearing clothes of the typical thickness to be worn underneath the jacket (please ensure you are not wearing a dressing gown or a thicker top than you would intend to wear under the jacket), ladies must be wearing their bra under their top. Please just breath normally and be relaxed (do not puff your chest out nor suck in your breath).

2) Hold the tape as high as possible underneath your underarms to capture the bottom of the shoulder blades at the back which are at the armpit level, keeping the tape high at the back bring the tape around to the widest part of your chest muscles which will require you to tilt the tape down at the front to the peak of the pectoral muscle.

3) If the waist or the tummy looks the same width as the chest or wider it would be wise to measure these also.

We do recommend that the person’s up to date chest measurement is used when selecting the required size from the leather garment sizing chart. Where the stomach or abdomen area is larger / wider than the chest then this measurement needs to be used when selecting the jacket / coat size against the ‘To Fit Chest Size’.

Further details are provided below if you wish to check garment lengths and, or require a specific sleeve length:

(i) Garment length is detailed on the full product page. The garment length excludes the collar and is measured in the center of the back panel from the base of the collar stitch seam line down to the bottom of the jacket.

(ii) Top sleeve length – this is the full length from the cuff of the sleeve up to the shoulder seam.

LADIES – Sizing Notes:

Please note that bra size does not generally equal chest size.

We do recommend that the person’s up to date chest measurement is used when selecting from below sizing information. Please note that bra size does not typically equal chest size, hence it is recommended that an up to date measurement is taken. Furthermore, if the person’s waist or abdomen area is larger than the chest, then this measurement needs to be used when selecting the required jacket chest size if the jacket is to be done up.

Alternatively, if you are borderline between sizes and, or would like guidance on best size for you please add in the Special Instructions box on the order checkout page the below information:

Chest measurement – up to date actual chest measurement:
Waist measurement (at the widest point – very important if the jacket is to be done up):
Size usually taken
Alternatively you can provide measurements from a jacket or coat that fits you well. The garment needs to be zipped / buttoned up and laid flat on a flat surface (e.g. table or floor). Please check the garment is completely flat (check it is not rippled on the underside) before any measurements are taken.

1) Flat Chest – from underarm to underarm (to provide the width of the jacket when completely flat):

2) Flat Waist – edge to edge measurement across narrowest point:

3) Flat Hips – applies to coats and long jackets – width across the widest part of the hips:

NOTE 1: The flat measurements above are to be e-mailed to LeatherPiks Leather Company for us to check the relevant size in the jacket style or coat style you wish to order. Please e-mail us with the above flat garment measurement together with the name of the garment style and colour you are after, please also advise; your height, trouser size , bra size (including cup), usual size in tops / jackets (and if this varies by brand) and desired fit.

NOTE 2: Please note that the size chart on each product page details the ‘ to fit chest’ which relates to the person’s actual chest measurement over clothes (with the tape touching). Therefore the ‘to fit chest’ size is not the same as the garment external flat dimensions as above. Please remember that slim fit garments offer a minimal space allowance and always narrow into the waist by about 4 – 5″ (10-12cm). Semi-fitted garments offer a smart fit with a bit more room to allow for a thin smart fit pullover but also narrow into the waist slightly. Comfort fit garments are straight cut from chest to waist and allow more room for a jumper; therefore you should not need to order a bigger size unless the stomach area is wider than the chest size. Loose fit garments allow for a suit jacket / blazer underneath, therefore individuals only planning to wear a regular fine knit wool jumper may be able to drop down 1 size provided the stomach area is not wider than the ‘to fit chest’ size.

If the leather is just a little tight or snug, we would suggest sticking with it as the leather, like a shoe, will give a little over time.

You will require a new size if the garment is noticeably uncomfortable, and/or difficult to ‘do up’.

Each increase in size will typically see a 2 inch gain across the chest and waist, the shoulder only widens very marginally by a ¼ inch on each side and the sleeve length may increase by about ¼ to ½ of an inch.

In special circumstances you may be between two sizes, which we may be able to you help with. If for example you need to go up a size in the chest but wish the shoulder and sleeve measurements to remain the same please let us know when requesting the exchange and we may, after checking existing stock, be able to find a suitable replacement.

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